MEH. (Gmen Ramen)

Solid MEH from Meg for Gmen on the ramen front as it’s the only thing I ordered, and maybe therein lies the problem.  I should have ordered it all.

A ramen restaurant located in the idyllic village of Steveston in Richmond – we were there to celebrate a family birthday and you can paint me surprised when I sat down to see a menu chalk full of options.  

Yes –  you have your ramen bowls (as promised), but you also have your sashimi options, your rice bowl choices, and your deep fried decisions.  

Sunday night and coming off a wedding the night before where Johnny Walker Red Label was my best friend, I opted for the soupless AE Soba Bowl ($11) in my misguided attempt to restore balance and health in my life.  We all know the fat lies in the broth so this is essentially the same as exercise.  

Fruitless attempt however as my noodles were highly suspect as actual soba noodles made from nutritious buckwheat and were probably actually the regular eggy ramen noodle.

Tossed in their tonkontsu sauce broth with “lots of toppings”, which I discovered were chashu bits, black fungus, scallions, spinach, seaweed, and half an egg as crowning glory, this dish was decently flavourful and despite the absence of actual soba, I did enjoy the chew from their thick noodle.

Ian opted for the RCMP (Red Chili Miso Pepper) Ramen Bowl ($12.95) because they claim it is “addictively spicy!” and it’s only worth eating for Ian if it burns your face off.  No surprise that it’s not even close enough to spicy enough for Ian because he dumps in about 4 heaping spoons of the tableside chili oil and from that point on, all I can taste if the chili oil from his bowl.  

Another solid meh from Ian because “it’s nothing special”.  

What was special though, was the open and airy seating area.  Accustomed to the cramped noodle shops so typical of Vancouver ramen shops, this was bright and clean with plenty of space to do my walking lunges.

And what might have been special was all of the other food options, particularly the deep fried ones, I missed out on but now I’ll never know. Who knows whether their Deep Fried Cilantro Chicken, IIdako (Deep Fried Baby Octopus), or Okonomiyaki might have lit a fire for life within me but at this point, I don’t care enough.

They don’t take credit card, they don’t help you keep your birthday cake cold or let you cut your cake, and they are closed Monday and Thursday – I can feel in my bones that I have no reason to return.  Especially when the ramen competition is tough in the city and there’s another equally delicious if not more delicious noodle shop just a stone’s throw away.

G-men @ Nan Chu Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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