For Your Mental Health! (Nelson the Seagull)

For Your Mental Health!

I’ve got mental health on the mind these days (preserving it, that is)  and I think so does everyone so you have to believe me when I say there’s not much more comforting than sliding into Nelson the Seagull after a yoga class in nearby Chinatown or Gastown.

I know, I know – how much more Vancouver basic could I get but when was the last time you unblocked your chakras anyway??

New to yoga, I’ve quickly come to love the way it makes my body feel right after a class but perhaps even more than that, I’ve come to love the soup and sandwich it promises immediately afterward at Nelson the Seagull.

Anything with their ultra savoury fresh baked in house Sourdough Bread is a must.  So moist, so fluffy – I dare you to try and stop at just one slice.

Famous for their Avocado Toast, today I opted for their Carrot and Ginger Soup served with Sourdough and Butter because soup and bread is actually one of my most favourite meals of all time and we all need to do what feels good.

Rich and creamy in texture with surprising depth to what might seem like the sound of a bland soup, the ginger adds the zing that leaves my tongue tingling in the most lovely way.  Slather that butter on the bread and dip it into the soup or do none of that and just eat the bread dry but either way, you are in for a treat because the bread is a true delight, and quite possibly the real star of the show.

Presented with a choice of three sandwiches, Ian was faced with a dilemma but the choice was clear for me – it had to be The Carnivore.  Featuring roast beef, white cheddar cheese, zesty house made cilantro pesto, and grainy mustard on that dreamy sourdough bread, this was the perfect medley of ingredients in just the right proportions.

Mental health intact for another day at least, would I return?

If I’m being honest, there is a strong chance the real reason I go to yoga is to pop in to see Nelson after. Two can dine for $20-$25 and despite my best efforts to visit another one of the many cafes in the area, something keeps pulling me back into this one. 

With a gorgeous open space, beautifully lit by natural sunlight streaming through the almost floor to ceiling windows, the heart wants what it wants and my heart has good taste. 

Nelson the Seagull Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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