The Lush Life (Matchstick)

I love Avo Toast and I love Poached Eggs on Toast. I am who I am and god it feels good to finally just come out and say it.

Lucky me indeed then that Matchstick on Richards is only a hop skip jump away and I can enjoy my weekend Americano and Millennial Poached Egg on savoury Sourdough Toast in the bright and clean comfort of Matchstick’s stylish digs.

Leather chairs, wooden benches, oversized leafy plants – think Martha Stewart Living meets comfortable 30’s something Young Professional.

No Avo Toast here but no worries because Ian and I made do with an order of Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg on Toast ($11).

What kind of Pacific Northwesters would we be anyways if we didn’t go for the Smoked Salmon option now and again?

Turns out this was the perfect situation because nothing is lusher than lounging by the window in oversize leather chairs with your slice of Sourdough Bread dressed with a schmear of cream cheese and smoked salmon. Adorned with zesty dill, sweet pickles, and briny capers with a runny poached egg to wrap it all together, this is a marriage of things I can get behind.

Not too heavy with its cream cheese, the whole thing is both luxurious and light enough to get me pumped enough to drag my body to the gym for a Saturday mid-day sweat sesh.

Lush and light, would I return? Come on now – being a 5 minute walk away, it’d be rude not to.

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