What a Feeling (AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint)

Stop everything you are doing right now and listen to me. There is quite possibly nothing nicer in life than listening to Irene Cara belting Flashdance to the tune of two crazy delicious pizzas on a Saturday Night with two of your most favourite people.

Newer to the scene but not actually so new anymore since I’ve been hearing about AJ for a little while now. In hindsight, I can’t believe I let a year and a half go by without their pizza in my mouth because this was a Game Changer, there is no doubt in my mind.

On the hunt for the very best pizza Vancouver has to offer, my sister demanded we go to AJ’s “because it is better than Straight Outta Brooklyn” and though it stings a bit to say – she is right.

Happy Hour from 3-6 pm featuring discounted beer and wine, the tastiest of pizza pies, and sweet tunes from the 80s filling up the room – basically all of my favourite things are happening at once and what a feeling.

First pie had to be their version of Hawaiian because pineapple belongs on pizza and this might be the hill I die on.

Their July Feature, Tropical Reeves ($22 for a 14″), features thick bacon, chili pineapple, and a saffron infused honey. If there was any doubt before about honey’s place on pizza, that doubt has been banished.

Savoury, sweet, and spicy has got to be the best way to eat your pizza – it’s got everything you could ever ask for.

My heart belongs to the Hawaiian Pizza at Strathcona Brewing but this is a really solid rendition and they bring strong crust game – thin, chewy, and crispy in all the right proportions.

We have to talk Vesuvio now.

White Vesuvio Pizza ($20 for a 14″) with garlic oil, mozza, ricotta, mushrooms, and spicy sausage was without a doubt the highlight of everybody’s night. It’s important also that the sausage was subtly sprinkled on in inconspicuous crumbly bits because I just cannot get down with my sausage when it is plunked onto my pizza like some sort of meteorite chunk.

Don’t forget to drizzle some of that Mike’s Hot Honey on your slice because anything less would be a mistake and we are not here to make mistakes. That honey has a special way of tying all the flavours together in a way that completes an already completed pizza – you know?

When it comes to eating in, admittedly the seating area could be slightly more conducive to wanting to linger there a bit longer over more drinks and pizza but works if you are just dashing in to grab your za and quick bevvy. And then it’s not a problem at all if you are just there for takeout.

Two pizza pies and plenty of happy hour wine later, would I pie again?

AJ is like that bad boy that comes in and sweeps you off your feet when you thought you were already happy with all the other boys you had in your life but you were so wrong. And now that you know, you can’t go back to any other way of life and as my girl Irene Cara says – I can really have it all.

AJ's Brooklyn Pizza Joint Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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