I Am Just Here for a Good Time (Gringo Gastown)

Call me low brow and maybe you’d be right but I just want to be happy and there is no way I’m not happy when I’m at Gringo Gastown. A favourite of mine for the past 5 years at least, I will recommend this little taco bar to anyone who is here for a good time.

Mis amigos, if you’re looking for authentic tacos or real deal Mexican cuisine, than you have stepped into the wrong place but you should still pull up a stool and stay awhile. Order yourself a Bourbarita because juicy watermelon and bourbon is refreshing and you only live once. Also, it comes with tasty tasty gummies and you have nothing to lose.

Sip that bourbarita and soak it all in. Neon colours everywhere, people buzzing, warm hospitality, and easy breezy Mexican inspired fare – you could not ask for more on a summer night in Vancouver.

Beer is less than $4 and I dare you to find cheaper beer at a cooler place on a regular Vancouver evening. Let’s be real – if someone tried to tell me this was sewer beer I wouldn’t put up a fight but what’s a little sewer beer when you’re having a good time.

Cocktails are not cheap here with their double Signature cocktails ringing in at $10-$12 but they are so fun and you can compensate for that by taking advantage of their cheap food prices.

$3 a taco and you can have your pick of ground beef, pork, brisket, chicken, fish, and veggie. Again, not authentic but made on a hot plate and in a world where you get what you pay for, this is a steal and a half.

Stadium Nachos ($8) are always a Must for us because dinner isn’t complete unless I am eating it with chips smothered in warm processed cheese, sour cream, and jalapenos.

Make sure you douse those chips in their medley of table side hot sauces because life is about experiences and you don’t want to miss a thing.

If you’re not feeling tacos and nachos then not to worry because Gringo has your back with its offerings of burritos, rice bowls, salad bowls, chili, quesadillas, and their street dog. Oh, and did I mention everything here is cooked on a hot plate? This is art, man.

Warm, buzzing, and stuffed with corn tortilla in the happiest of ways, would I return?

Ha. You should just try and kick me out because Gringo’s gets my vote for one of the best. Girls nights, broken hearts, boyfriends, ex-boyfriends – Gringos has seen me through it all and a wise person once said if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.

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