Slim Pickings (Prado Cafe)

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but if you ever find yourself in want of a decent coffee in and around Surrey Central, the world is not your oyster my friend. Sometimes you are in bad need of an Americano rush and a Tim Hortons Double Double or Starbucks burnt tar is just not going to cut it.

But at least now there is a Prado Cafe at Civic Plaza in what is being touted as Surrey’s new downtown business community right off the Surrey Central Skytrain and there you can get your Americano fix. If it’s past 2 pm though, don’t try to order eggs or half of their pastry list because at this time, all of that is cancelled.

My weekends are for Avo Toast because Basic is my middle name and sometimes I kick things up a notch if Smoked Salmon is on the menu.

I must have been feeling spicy this past Saturday afternoon because we went with the West Coast Toast of Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese on Toast ($11.50) and I feel slight regret for a coupla reasons.

1.) West Coast Toast in sore need of poached egg. I should have listened to my gut and vetoed the toast idea full stop because what is the point of a toast if you are not toasting to a runny yolk?

2.) Sourdough slices were unimaginative and lacklustre. To be more specific, these were very thin and were reminiscent to eating air, but a little bit better than that.

3.) $11.50 for a 4 measly-ish pieces of smoked salmon on thin toast is not money well spent.

Alright, listen – in the end, this was not terrible. Would I buy again? No, because I did not work so hard to make money to spend on small salmon on thin toast but the dill was a nice touch.

I do not recommend this as a place to sit, linger and enjoy your cup of coffee because the space is not conducive to that sort of leisurely lifestyle but a coffee and a breakfast cookie on your mad dash to work in the morning is okay.

To Surrey Central and all the coffee shops of the world – this is a cry for help. Please populate the area with more delicious Americano and Avo Toast options so that I may have plenteous pickings.

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