Bought An 8Bao (The Bao Place)

Do you know what eating 8 Baos in one night will do to a person? Do you?

Embarked on a mission to find the best baos in the city and there’s nothing I won’t do in the name of a worthy cause so if that means my mind and body must endure 8 Baos in one sitting, so be it.

Have been hearing murmurs of this place for a while now so The Bao Place across from Metrotown had to be the first stop on our journey, before heading on to Bao Bakery on Joyce St.

Stepped into this tiny little shop on a Friday night after work and managed to narrow our choices down to 4 baos based off the best trusted baovice of the two lovely girls running the counter.

BBQ Delight, Spicy Chicken, Belly Belly Pork, and Buttermilk because it’s got to be 3 savoury and 1 sweet if we’re going to be making any sort of informed decisions.

Would have gone Pork Deluxe in place of Spicy Chicken but they had sold out and you can’t always have what you want in life.

BBQ Delight – we’ll have to go BBQ pork at every bao place because this is the true benchmark for any legitimate bao comparisons and let me tell you – this was a wild ride at The Bao Place. Is it curry? Is it bbq? Might have been both and while different from any BBQ Pork bun I’ve ever had, I’m not mad because we all need to be pushed out of our comfort zone once in a while. Packing a ton of flavour with a really nice juicy meat to bao ratio, I’m not likely to order this one again if what I’m craving is BBQ pork.

Spicy Chicken – I was not blown away by this one but you get what you expect here. Ground chicken that packs some heat and while it’s tasty enough, there’s not much too exciting going on. Meat to bun ratio is impressive.

Belly Belly Pork – would not order again. Too salty for my taste and while there were juicy fatty bits, a lot of the pork belly was dry like jerky.

Buttermilk – Gamechanger here, and if you do anything at all, do this. With a custard consistency, it almost reminded me of the texture of the coconut in a cocktail bun but so much nicer. Subtly sweet milk and just the perfect amount of sweet, this just feels like the best parts of childhood in your mouth. Filling to bao ratio very nice.

4 Baos for $11.75, would I come again?

I wouldn’t not.

Highlights include very impressive meat and filling to bao ratios and delightfully soft, fluffy, and moist buns but I’m not in any rush to run back here unless it’s specifically for that Buttermilk Bao.

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