Born Again (Kim Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant)

I heard somewhere that you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning and I’m not saying I started in the morning but I might as well have based on the way my old lady body felt this past Labour Day Monday.

Just wrote an exam I’d been studying for all August so the first weekend of freedom meant Happy Hour with the ladies that turned into regular hour drinks that turned back into Happy Hour that turned into After Hours. Listen, I don’t make the rules.

Forgot I’m not 22 anymore though so to say the morning after was Rough (Capital R) is an understatement.

Worry not though friends, when there is Bun Bo Hue to save the day. It cannot just be any Bun Bo Hue though – it must be the kind of Bun Bo Hue that is served from a Vietnamese restaurant whose outer appearance makes you question whether or not it is a legitimate business.

We are not here for frou frou fancy pants elevated Vietnamese cuisine. No. We are here for the food of the people and Kim Hoang on the mean streets of Surrey with its dilapidated white blinds blocking the sun from entering delivers.

Over exaggerating ever so slightly maybe, because upon entering, I was actually pleasantly surprised to be greeted by bright turquoise walls and a well lit, almost clean seating space.

$12 for a bowl of Vietnamese noodles in Surrey is not exactly what I would call cheap but I would happily pay it again because this savoury broth, plenty of beef and pork, and that tangy kick from the spice is exactly what this old lady needed to be reborn back into some semblance of a functioning human being.

“They give you so much meat!” said nobody ever eating pho at a Vietnamese restaurant.

I stand corrected here though because a $12 Large Pho Ga with its subtly savoury and sweet chicken broth comes with an abundance of mostly adequately tender chicken and quail eggs to boot.

No Vietnamese meal ever feels quite complete for me without Spring Rolls and more than ever were deep fried foods necessary today. And even if Deep Fried Spring Rolls were my saving grace on this most difficult of days, therein also lies Kim’s weakness.

Egg wrappers are not what the people want when it comes to delicious spring rolls. Rice wrappers are what the people want and if you want to be the best, you must give the people what they want. Still, even if the rolls here are bundled in egg wrappers which is always a letdown, I’ll admit that at least their insides were a tasty mixture of vermicelli noodles, minced pork, and vegetables.

Struggled to decide between the Spring Rolls and the Salad Rolls so we got both. It doesn’t explicitly state on the menu that you can get half orders but the friendly lady working there did us a solid and let us do it.

Not too big, not too small – this salad roll actually had the perfect ratio of every ingredient. There is nothing more despicable then a Salad Roll stuffed to the brim with bean sprouts and measly shrimp bits so thank you Kim Hoang for being the hero I needed today with your nicely sized prawns and pork slices.

Strolling out of the restaurant a new person, would I come again?

For $33 and a new lease on life, I’d be a fool not to.

Kim Hoang Vietnamese Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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