In Saj We Trust

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times – if your service is gold, you could serve me dirt and I’d be your number one fan. Lucky for me in that case though – Sajetarian did not serve me dirt but rather a steaming mound of deep fried potatoes smothered in halloumi and kashkaval cheese, topped off with fried eggplant. Drizzled with a sweet and tangy Zaatar Gravy – this poutine was not your average poutine but I wasn’t looking for average anyways this past Friday night.

Spontaneous Friday Night found us in Port Moody doing a brew pub crawl because I insist that I am still young and fun but mostly because I just started trying to plan a wedding where everything is horrifying and so beer is necessary. Our third and final stop was Yellow Dog Brewing where Sajetarian Food Truck was sitting outside, just calling our names.

After subpar to terrible service at The Bakery, Moody Ales, and Yellow Dog Brewing (maybe this is just Brew Pub culture and I need thicker skin and why serve beer with a smile when you could just scowl) and mediocre to awful food at the other two food trucks that shall not be named, it was a real treat to be greeted with warmth and kindness at Sajetarian at the end of the night. What a delight.

“Do you have any questions? What are you in the mood for? Are you really hungry or are you looking for something snacky?”

They must have seen the anguish written all over my face because I always struggle when faced with a menu of options but not to worry because the kind people behind Saj asked the right questions and were all about the trusted advice tonight.

Mediterranean wrap, deep fried cauliflower, or poutine??

In the end, we opted for the Poutine with the Beef add on because it is Friday and we must live each moment like it is our last.

At $15, this poutine did not come cheap and I’d be lying if I said the eggplant was not my favourite part because it so was. Eggplant is such a finicky veg to cook so when my eggplant comes out hot and tasty with the perfect texture – colour me impressed. Motion to put forward eggplant poutine – because this will be all the rage in 2020 and potatoes are so Second Millenium.

Okay, listen – I’m not about to stand here and give my poutine a 3 michelin star rating but when I’m standing in my rosy beer haze frozen outside in November cold and the two friendliest people in Port Moody hand me a steaming pile of greasy food to pair with my beer, I am in my happy place and I would buy again.

Next time, that Deep Fried Cauliflower and Saj bread are mine.

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