Always a Good Time

Never have I ever had a bad time at Uncle Willy’s – you can put that on my grave. If you ever tell me how terrible Uncle Willy’s is, I am going to tell you you really need to adjust your expectations because you are doing it all wrong.

There is nothing like the idea of a buffet that strikes happiness into my heart because the idea that you can walk up to a the table and get any food you want and as much of it as you want for one set up front price is the very definition of happiness.

Call it nostalgia, call it logic, call it whatever – but Uncle Willy’s just makes sense. No lineup, under $20, unlimited warm food, and laughter – easily the best night I’ve had this week.

Buffet strategy is important but at Uncle Willy’s I throw everything to the wind and do what I want.

Small sample of the Chicken Noodle Soup for me just to give it a try but I don’t waste much stomach space on that even though it is shockingly flavourfull and full of chicken, noodles, and vegetables.

A few lettuce leaves doused in ranch dressing, croutons, and simulated bacon bits for nutrients, and then a dollop each of macaroni, pasta, tortellini, and potato salad brings me a disproportionate level of happiness.

You heard me talk about the bacon bits and I am not messing around here. Simulated bacon bits have a good chunk of my heart and even if they take a day from my life each time I indulge in them – worth it. Simulated bacon bits on everything, make it rain,

Cbeese and potato pierogies smothered in sour cream and simulated bacon bits are just as delicious as you would expect and always a guilty pleasure for me here.

Roast and ham – they knocked it out of the park tonight. I actually didn’t try the ham but it looked delicious and the roast beef was seasoned well with red peeking out. Colour me impressed.

Mashed potatoes, crispy french fries, spaghetti and meat sauce sprinkled with grated Kraft parmesan, seafood a la king, and fried chicken – my heart was basically soaring at this point.

I’ve long said the Fried Chicken game is strong at Uncle Willy’s and I’m not wrong. Hot, crispy, and juicy drumsticks – nothing complicated here, just do what feels good.

Rice, curry, corn, vegetables, roasted chicken, spring rolls, sweet and sour chicken, chow mein, pizza bread – I’ll admit I spent little to no time on these items but I’m sure they were A-OK.

Sushi is a thing Uncle Willy’s also does and I did not dabble because I am not crazy but I am not stopping you. I have it on good authority that the sushi is something like “gas station sushi” and that it won’t kill you – so no risk, no reward.

No Dungeness crab tonight, but I do have to mention that one fateful night this past spring when Ian and encountered delicious asian inspired Dungeness Crab at Uncle Willy’s and we haven’t been the same since. No luck tonight, but there is always next time.

Do not forget about the desserts and the cola machine because this is important. Self-serve soft serve in your cola for an ice cream float transports you straight back to childhood – a simpler time, a happier time.

An assortment of diabetic desserts, rice pudding, and apple rhubarb sauce all served with a generous dollop of soft serve. Quality.

Full of friendship, laughter, and good value eats – would I return?

Come on now. If you come here expecting 5 star quality food, I feel real bad for you. But if you come here with a winning attitude, a zeal for life and the unknown, and an empty stomach, then you can sit with us. MEET ME AT THE BUFFET.

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