In a Pinch.

I am a crazy person right now. Slight cabin fever on account of all the East Van snow but it could always be worse.

There’s nothing like a pile of fresh snow each day for the past week to make a person feel like inhaling a boatload of sushi in your pajamas and then writing about it in your food blog (as the saying goes) so lucky for us, Sushi Kimu is just a hop skip jump away.

I say lucky for us not because the sushi here is to die for but it is pretty pretty pretty decent and does in a snow day pinch and sometimes that is all you can ask for in life.

Takeout was the name of the game tonight and because in Ian’s mind, real sushi is only the kind of sushi that has cooked food and cooked food only – it had to be one Dynamite Roll, one California Roll, and one Yam Tempura Roll.

I opted for one Spicy Tuna Roll and 2 pieces of Chopped Scallop Nigiri because life is lived better on the edge.

Alright alright alright, let’s break it down now:

Dynamite Roll – Nice melding of textures with the avocado, rice, and appropriately crispy tempura and did not fall apart everywhere. This was A O K.

California Roll – We all know what this is about so no surprises here. It’s got artificial crab, avo, and a good amount of japanese mayo so it’s perfectly alright.

Yam Tempura Roll – This is garbage in my mind and if I had my choice, I would not order again. Crispy to a fault with a slight burnt flavour, I barely tasted any yam. Send it back.

Spicy Tuna Roll – I always forget that I am actually not a fall of this roll here. I just really wanted to bite into the meaty flesh of tuna set to the tune of a refreshingly almost zesty spicy kick but this I did not get. This rolls comes drizzled with an almost sickeningly sweet spicy sauce and I will have to remember not to order this again here.

Chopped Scallop Nigiri – This comes topped with a decent amount of chopped scallop filling that isn’t overloaded with mayo. Nothing bad to say here and I’d eat it again.

Snow day calls for cooked food so I splashed out on the Chicken Teriyaki ($10.75) on account of how delicious it looks on the picture of their website.

Newsflash: It does not look the way it does in the picture but I did not hate it. Life experience tells me it would have tasted at least 2.5 times better eaten fresh in the restaurant but pajamas won out tonight.

If you are expecting americanized sickly sweet teriyaki sauce glazed over crispy pieces of chicken – (I was) – you will be sorely disappointed. I want to say this tasted closer to homecooking which I realize now that I appreciated.

A more savoury style of teriyaki combined over a bed of refreshing medley of vegetables. Cabbage, carrots, beans, broccoli – oh my! I love it when I get the chance to get my vitamins and minerals in the most delicious of ways.

Friday night in and full of sushi – would I buy again?

Nothing I’d race to write home about but proximity wins and this sushi is actually pretty decent. $36 to feed two, prices are about right and believe you me, I have had much much worse so yes – you’d likely see me here again.

Catch me in my pajamas and ten thousand points to Gryffindor!!

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